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Eco Home for Green and Sustainable Design

Meditation Room:
The Meditation Room in this Eco Home features earth-friendly wall covering, cork floors, and recycled wood tables. The hourglass shaped side table is comprised of shaved coconut shell, while the floor lamp is actually an antique that has been transformed into an art piece by an Eco-friendly artist who re-works antique and recycled materials. The rug is made of natural wool and silk fibers. The overall look is Asian contemporary that sacrifices neither style nor comfort.

The bathroom features a sustainable bamboo vanity, natural stone sink, glass tile mirror, and American Clay plaster walls. The shower is made of onyx tile walls with a bamboo style detail containing mirrored "knots" to accentuate the pattern. The shower door handle made of bamboo and glass continues the theme. The double-paned window contains a sheet of leaf-patterned rice paper to provide privacy while allowing light to come through during the day.

Outdoor Patio:
This compact outdoor patio is furnished with antique Indonesian teak chairs, recycled wood sculpture, tables, and natural fabrics. The Buddha fountain was crafted by an Eco-friendly artist to create a serene surrounding for meditation and contemplation. The antique screen and large gourds with dried woods create a cozy backdrop for the seating area.